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Subscription email service has been suspended

Bizcaf subscription email services have been suspended indefinitely due to problems and abuse for which we have no good fixes: Bizcaf RSS feeds provide many of the same benefits, as well as a number of features not available through subscription email.


We offering RSS feed

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" or "RDF Site Summary" depending on who you ask. Simply put, it's a way for news sites to share lists of their current articles and headlines. If you've been to any of a number of "portal" sites that provide news and headline summaries from many other sources, you've seen RSS in action.

There are several sites that will aggregate RSS feeds for you into a custom page with exactly the news you want. There are also standalone desktop applications, both free and commercial, that will perform the same function, available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and other platforms. Search your favorite search engine for "RSS aggregator" or "RSS syndication" for more information.

We offer RSS feeds so that our users can embed a little piece of BizCaf into their personal blog or home page, or watch the best-of postings come rolling into their desktop news aggregator.

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